Savlon  Surface Disinfectant Spray 170g - ClickUrKart
₹ 155.00 ₹ 159.00
Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray protects your family by providing an effective germ-kill Kills a wide range of virus, bacteria, molds & fungi Incredibly versatile with...
Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash 500ml - ClickUrKart Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash 500ml
₹ 87.00 ₹ 99.00
With 100% Natural Action and Neem & Citrus Fruit Extracts, to safely clean the veggies and fruits It has No Added Artifical Dyes, Colors, Chlorine,...
Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Total 50ml
₹ 23.00 ₹ 25.00
Lifebuoy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer has over 60% alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection Lifebuoy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria and virus without...
Magnessa Lungs Care, 500ml
₹ 1,874.00
SSensa Lungs Care has the formulation to cure asthmatic conditions. It is a very potent mixture of herbs which reduces the inflammation of the respiratory...
Boric Acid Powder 100 gm - ClickUrKart
₹ 53.00 ₹ 55.00
₹ 53.00 ₹ 55.00
The primary industrial use of boric acid is in the manufacture of monofilament fiberglass usually referred to as textile fiberglass. Textile fiberglass is used to...
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Magnessa Uteri is a unique uterine juice, which is a fusion of unusual and distinctive herbs which are essential for woman to harmonize the hormone system,...
Dettol Disinfectant Spray  225ml/170g - ClickUrKart
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Dettol disinfectant spray protects your family from illnesses causing bacteria and viruses This disinfectant spray sanitizes your home and eliminates odor causing bacteria and fungus...
Godrej Protekt Fruit & Veggie Wash 250ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 107.00 ₹ 125.00
For a truly healthy consumption, vegetables and fruits need to be cleaned not only with water but with a cleaner that will rid it off...
Godrej Protekt Air & Surface Disinfectant Spray Aqua 240ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 175.00 ₹ 190.00
Godrej Protekt Air & Surface Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% germs, disinfects and cleans the surfaces like mattress, sofa, care seat, curtain, kitchen sink, tap, toilet...
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Volini Gel 10 gm. Volini Gel, a pain and injury relieving product from the house of Ranbaxy works effectively on any kind of pain across all ages. Diclofenac being...
Amrut Pharmaceuticals, AMRUT MALAM - ClickUrKart
₹ 27.00
Useful for cracks on Heels, foot, Toes, Hand, Lips and skin due to  cold.  Chapped Lips, Burning sensation in palms and soles, itches, Dryness of...
Zandu Pain Balm, 8ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 40.00
A pain relieving rub that contains time-tested, active herbal ingredients. A gentle application of Zandu balm to the affected area brings the desired relief. Zandu...
Zandu Balm Ultra Power - 25 ml - ClickUrKart Zandu Balm Ultra Power - 25 ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 75.00
Zandu Balm Ultra Power is a safe & effective remedy for severe pain & aches.
Zandu Balm Ultra Power - 8 ml - ClickUrKart Zandu Balm Ultra Power - 8 ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 39.00 ₹ 42.00
₹ 39.00 ₹ 42.00
Zandu Balm Ultra Power is a safe & effective remedy for severe pain & aches.
Amrita Zinda Tilismath 5 ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 55.00
Zindatilismath Is A 100% Herbal And Natural Unani Medicine, Which Used To Treat Many Common Ailments Like Cold, Cough, Throat Pain, Body Pain,Headache,Vomitings,Stomach Disorders, Ear...
Electral Powder, 21.8 g - ClickUrKart
₹ 20.00
Electoral is a WHO based ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) formula. Oral rehydration salt is a combination of Dextrose and a number of essential electrolytes (Sodium...
Moov Fast Pain Relief Cream 15g - ClickUrKart
₹ 57.00 ₹ 59.00
₹ 57.00 ₹ 59.00
For inflammation, sprains, strains With the power of 4 active ingredients
Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer 100ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 42.00 ₹ 50.00
Leaves your hands soft with a pleasant fragrance Helps fight germs and eliminate odours 98% naturally derived, no harmful chemicals
Volini Pain Relief Gel - 15 g - ClickUrKart
₹ 55.00
Helps to provide relief from muscle pain, strains, sprains, spasms, and cramps Useful in case of knee pain, backache and shoulder pain
Vicks Inhaler 0.5ml - ClickUrKart
₹ 49.00 ₹ 55.00
₹ 49.00 ₹ 55.00
Vicks Inhaler created the inhaler market in 1951. It provides fast relief from a blocked nose and is easy to use and convenient to carry.,...
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